Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nekkid-izing the Sheeps

Hey Robin,
As promised I am posting my collection of pictures from the "Wild n Woolly" Sheep Shearing event this weekend at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue, where I live. I have been meaning to get to this thing ever since I found out about it and this is the first time I got to go! Yay! It was fun-ness all around and I only dragged my Dad this time. Next year I'm draggin' the Hub and the Kid because I think they will love it too. (What's not to love about tractor-rides and kettle corn?!). Here's some pictures to show the fun-ness:

Ironically the first thing we saw at the Sheep shearing event was a couple-o-dese critters. They were friendlier than they had to be... a bit friendlier than their handlers I should say, but those gals were looking a little strained. Was it that they were outnumbered? Hmm...

...nearby was the Sheep dog demo, i love these
dogs, they are so amazing. Here's one driving the
poor sheep through a "gate". Does the "gate" look a little tense to you? Hmm....

While we wandered around gazing at the many neato-booths (all the while I was wondering where the HECK the so-called fiber demonstrations were!) there were some critters getting a trim...

...this one's name is Sunshine... I think. She's a Mommy like me (meaning she has lots of hair and isn't really interested in getting it cut off at the moment). Lots of kidlings were watching this event with some tredpidation. It's amazing how many asked whether she was being hurt. A few even asked where were her babies and didn't they miss her? Kids ask great questions don't they?

These guys were pretty passive in their "waiting-room".
What no magazines?

Is anyone else thinking of The Aristocats when they see this picture? Or is it Mary Poppins... darn i forget.

Found the Fber demos! This room was filled with women working magic... dyeing, spinning, combing, carding... it was amazing... yet not a one of them was actually in the process of knitting or weaving or felting! That kinda suprised me, but i must say I don't blame them for doing all that spinning. Every one of them had some really beautiful colors of roving to play with and if I knew how to spin (the prospect is becoming ever so much more attractive) that's what I would have been doing too!

These ladies were so great, they talked to me until they were dry in the mouth about all the things they were doing. Just amazing.

This is just the prettiest thing i have ever seen (should i point out that my woodworking brain-functions started kicking in right about now? It was quite a struggle let me tell you).

This woman was so cute. You can see how excited she is about her subject. She was combing wool and showed me this gorgeous fleece she was "rescuing so that her daughter (who insisted it was hers) could spin it". It was the most beautiful brown color... natural brown too! She was amazingly abl to hold three conversations at one time... Thank you ladies!
I think I am going to take your advice and start brushing up on my Dreamweaver skills for these blog posts. This editor is driving me batty!

P.S. Dad wanted me to mention that he was thoroughly enthusiastic about accompanying me on this trip... it's true he was! Didn't mean to make it seem like he wasn't... I should also mention that every one of these pictures was taken by him :)

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