Friday, May 25, 2007

FO FO... it's off to slog I go!

Hey Robin...
Hey... 'nother dish rag done. W00t W00t! This one is the ball-band from Mason Dixon and i had to make it because i was really feeling left out! Also it helps to deplete my bulging stash... not a lot... but some. That counts right? Right?!

(way too close-up pic of dish cloth... so i made it eensy...)

Now I have gone and purchased the needed second ball of Wool-ease so i can finish slogging through Hey Mickey. I'll be so glad to get it done mostly because I want to see little Miss in it! I hope i can find just the right color of lime green gros grain ribbon to tie it all together... and can i SAY that I have NO interest in sewing in those ends?? Whose bright idea was it to do the two-tone skirt?! Oh... right... that would be me. *sigh* Anyway i have about 16" done and her waist is 20"... so I guess i have a few more rows to go. Less than half tho'! Yay!
(can we call it a fringed skirt?? No?)

Lastly, you have convinced me to do the Hub's sweater before I start anything else major... Maybe I can get it done before his birthday! Though Iwill still have to have something small to lug around... this summer is going to be HOT Ican tell and I won't want to be resting a big pile-o-cotton on my lap all summer! Ick! I feel another pair of socks coming on... yeah... socks... red ones...

(the slog-fest to come... lookit that pile-o-cotton!... Lego inserted for scale)
Congrats on another stellar post on WoW Insider! :)

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