Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hey Kate!

So I gotta play WoW these days. No really! I gotta! And I don't watch too much TV anyway (though that will change soon), so mostly I knit during breaks at work and during WoW play sessions. I know you haven't played WoW, but you are an MMO veteran so you understand that there is always downtime.

WoW does a really good job, however, of minimizing the downtime. I know your hubby was the EQ addict, but if you ask him, I'm sure he'll tell you what a timesuck that was. For every hour of fun there was at least that long of downtime or brutal travel time. The wait for boats was 10 to 15 minutes and the boat trips took something like half an hour. When soloing, downtime between kills was 15 minutes. When I think of all the knitting I could have gotten done... I don't know what I did during that time. Probably drank a lot.

The boat in WoW is about a 5 minute wait time and no more than a 5 minute ride. (And on the horde side, it isn't a boat, it's a Zeppelin!) The downtime between solo battles, when necessary, is about 15 seconds. So while knitting can be done during those times, it isn't much. There are the "birds" which are hippogriffs and bats and stuff which can be long, safe, unattended rides. Now that allows for some decent knitting time. But otherwise, I have to get creative.

Say I have to cross a "zone" (like Galaxies, you don't have to zone to get places, but they still are called zones) to get to my next quest, (unlike EverQuest and Galaxies, there are actual working quests and plenty of them) I will go on autorun and start to knit. This can be a bit dangerous because the path is rarely a straight line, but with a little bit of guiding with the mouse and one eye on the screen, I can usually get from point A to point B while knitting without any casualties.

And of course, I get lots of knitting in when waiting around for my husband. But that's another story.

Off to WoWknit,


P.S. The pic is from the Penny Arcade guys, but you already knew that.

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