Friday, May 4, 2007

Bye Bye UFO. Hello FO!

Hey Kate!

I hope this post isn't too exuberant. I just found out that I got the WoW Insider columnist position and I'm slightly pleased about that. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Ok, calming down now.

Back to yarn talk, I needed a small purse for work at that large retailer that employs me. They provide lockers which are pretty small and there is barely enough room for my KIP bag, lunch, Harry Potter book and my purse. Plus, I prefer just bringing the bare necessities with me. So I went back to my first attempt at stitching with recycled sari silk yarn which has been sitting in my craft trunk for what seems like a year:

The pattern for this is the Mini Purse pattern from the 2006 Crochet Pattern a Day calendar. I didn't adjust the gauge on purpose to get a slightly bigger purse. The two major problems with this project, as you can see, are that 1) I made it totally lopsided and 2) the yarn had a bunch of knots in it that I stubbornly stitched through, seeing as there were so many. But it is the perfect size for the purse I need and I think the colors are just gorgeous and it is certainly different from anything else anywhere (which is probably a good thing).

So, I started to weave in the ends. And my plastic yarn needle broke right on the loop. Sigh. But since I already had knots, I just knotted the rest of the ends to make the look um more consistent, yeah. The flap is ridiculously sloped and there's a big loop on it that looks less like a knot and more like a huge crocheting error. (By the way, I attempted to frog this thing ages ago to no avail. It's stuck this way.) So I turned it into a button loop and crocheted a big button on that side to make the flap look purposely sloped. You know, like I designed it that way. So now I have this:

It's not great. It is probably not even good. But I like it and it does the job. It also sheds but that's beside the point. My cats shed too and I don't love them any less.

I have to go. I have some WoWKnitting to do before bed. Did I mention I get paid to play WoW and write about it now? Woooooooooootttttttttt!



P.S. You post Fabulous FOs, Wonderful WIPs and pictorial essays on Fiber Forays while I post sad projects like the above. I detect a trend. Sigh. Oh well, I have no where to go but up!

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