Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Box o' Stash

Hey Kate!
I got some stash! I got some stash!

The colors in the online pics weren't as true as they are for Elann.com, but they are still nice. In fact, most of the yarn looks better than the online pictures, which is great. The gorgeous hanks are going to be my second pair of socks. The funky multicolored yarn is currently my WIP. A sock! A sock! And the other two yarns were going to be a purse, but the green isn't a light enough sage, so they will have to just enrich my stash for now. Yay, stash replenishment!

So last night, I settled into a corner in the break room with my sock yarn and a print-out of a lovely sock tutorial (thanks Kate). My coworker (and I hope friend) from Pakistan, we'll call her Sara, came running over and started asking me a ton of questions. What was I doing, what was I making, how do I do it, why all the kneedles, do I also just use two, etc. It was awesome. She made me promise to bring some stuff to work so that she can learn to knit, too. It's a bit daunting because I'm still just a beginner, but it will be fun to try.



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