Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hey Kate,

My drooling and my "window" (read internet lookiloo) shopping is out of hand lately. I want. I want. I want. Our yarn talk is wonderful, but it just isn't enough. I need more. Regular visitations to Elann for this and Knitpicks for that are also not enough. The virtual stroking of the fibers at Blue Moon and Fearless Fibers and dreaming about the lovely patterns at Dreamweaver are truly wonderful, but I'm still not satisfied.

Nothing compares to the unadulterated yarn porn available at Sundara Yarns. Actually it's more than just yarn, her pictures of flowers and OMIGOD are so droolworthy. But it's mostly the yarn and I must have some.

Wow, this looks like a paid promo for these places. I wish. Uh, if any of these places wants to um give us free yarn, please do. We would happily talk about you more. Um, not that we don't already. And, of course, nobody really reads us (yet?)... Ok, forget it. Moving on...

You and I are both bummed that we missed out on The Petals Collection that Nona blogged about. (Nona, we miss you!) And we MUST get in on the next sock club Sundara Yarns has. But in the meantime, I must have some of her other yarn. The only problem is... how to choose! Well, that's not the only problem. She's also out of everything in the Currently Available section. That's one oddly named section.

But really, until I finish my current sock, I have no business buying more sock yarn. No business at all.

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