Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey Robin,
Sorry for the delay, I actually finished something on Sunday! Actually I delayed my errands because I had only half an inch to go on my long-time sock project and I REALLY wanted to wear them out that day. It didn't take too long all things considered and I had the joy of bopping-around town wearing them and feeling just-a-little smug. They are so comfy and I don't care that they aren't identical. I do wish I had some open-top shoes like some Mary Janes or something to show off the purdy colors!

It's kind of hard to tell here, maybe I can get some off-the-hooves pictures later but if you look carefully... the foot on one matches the leg on the other (as far as the pooling or color-repetition goes) and vice versa. You can see it better if you concentrate on the yellowey-green parts. I really like how the foot on the right sock is striping, but when i got to my wavey-rib pattern on the leg, it got very "pool-ey". Not as nice. Interesting how that happens!

"One of these things is not like the other!"
Project notes: I used Wendy's generic toe-up sock instructions for foot/heel, used ripple-rib stitch pattern for leg. Yarn: Hazel Knit's Artisan Sock in the Green Lake colorway and size 1 US (2.5mm i think) needles.

Next sock project is for DH. I am going toe-up again because I just like how that works, but this time I am going to see if I can do a gussetted heel because I think those are tougher-wearing and I would like to see how it works! I started yesterday but already have to rip back a bit because the Hubster's feet are narrower than I remembered. Woops!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

We interrupt this program...

Hey Robin,
Sitting in my car waiting for school to get out today and I was reminded (as I am every thursday at 3-ish pm) about a fantabulous program that my favorite local radio station and I just feel like I gotta gush about it right here and now.

KEXP is a local npr station, but it's not yo mamma's npr. It's ALL music baby. Awesome music. I love almost all of it (who loves it all? seriously...) and it just makes me happier than happy. I loved KROQ when I lived in L.A. but apparently I didn't know what real radio was (love ya KROQ! But I've grown up!).

Since they are an npr station they got most of their funding from the public and from conscientious companies and individuals who really seem to care about music. It's awesome. I try to give once a year now if I can. Every little bit helps.

Anyway, the main reason for today's gush is the documentary segment that is presented weekly in the aforementioned time slot. I get really silly about looking forward to these things and bummed when I miss one. So... if i had been PAYING ATTENTION... I would have noticed that little "bit" at the end where the DJ mentions that you can go online and listen to all of them.



Go there. Now.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's goin' on

Hey Kate,

So, I'm obsessed with the Jane Austen Book Club group in Ravelry. I love indulging my addiction to re-reading Jane Austen novels by discussing them with fellow Austenophiles. I also get to submit projects to the group as part of a knit/crochet/spin/whateveralong. It's a blast.

I actually have an FO: A jewelry frame. You linked me the pattern and I adjusted it to do what I needed it to.

I also started a Twirly Skirt.

I love this pattern! I'm using the Lily cotton yarn and I am enjoying knitting with it as much as I enjoy crocheting with it. I am working on it almost all the time and am making record progress.

I am also getting involved in the WoW Knitters and Crocheters Ravelry group. They are a fun group and I'm enjoying chatting about my favorite game along with my favorite pastime.

That's all I got.



Monday, January 12, 2009

It's the Little Things

Hey Robin,
I think you have withstood my blathering-on about how difficult it has been lately when dropping the Kidlet off at Kindergarten... frankly it's been hell. I am now dreading the routine as much as he is and I haven't a clue how to fix it.

Today I have had an inspiration to try a new tactic: A woobie.

Woobie (n.) [wu-bee] 1. An item of emotional attachment, usually a blanket or stuffed animal. 2. Possible saviour of a Mom's sanity.

Little Guy already has a woobie. A stuffed puppy that is one of the most wonderfully huggable little creatures that he has ever gotten. It was just one of those things, received as a gift from my Aunt, forgotten almost immediately, then one day picked up and suddenly incorporated into every day family life and not put down since. She is a constant companion and well-loved, but she is not allowed at school... (absolutely understandable "no private toys" policy)

Enter new woobie. New Woobie was inspired when I sat here in this very spot, trying to imagine WHY he does not want me to leave the school property. Every morning in a panic: "Will you stay here all day Mama?!" I lie and hang-out for a while until I am sure he is thoroughly distracted by the classroom activities (I'm a bad Mother, but my god people, it's 30-40 degrees out there!). He knows I will leave eventually, but previous to this holiday break, it was a part of a routine where he would ask, I would lie, and all would be well....

Before the holiday break there was no panic though. It was simply a need for reassurance that I would be 'around'. However AFTER the holiday, the need for reassurance has exploded into a need for PRESENCE. I definitely cannot stay and have tried going the "honest route" by explaining that I can't be there because I don't want to distract him, that I can be there at a moment's notice if he decides he needs me more than anything else. That has NOT been a satisfactory answer. I am wondering if this will help:

As a result of my most-recent challenge of conquering the Tapestry Cowl (it is still in progress, but I have to say I am LOVING it and can't wait to see it all done) which is a double-knit colorwork project, I thought to myself that I could make a two-sided item that could be stuffed in a pocket with something in it that would MEAN something to us both. This is why there is an "m". "M" is for Mama and also for Little Guy's name. How fortunate that we share this initial!

I am hoping that presenting this to him with a story about how it's magic and that holding it will tell me he is thinking of me and that I will think of him at the same time will allow him to relax his fears about my not being around. What do you think?

Now to decide when to give it to him. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Itinerant Stitches...

Hey Robin!
Another Ravelry-spawned project of mine is done. Kinda. It's called "Sisterhood of the travelling scarf". Sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing. We're in groups of 10 or 12 people, knitting 6" of scarf on each person's started-bit and passing it along to the next knitter. It's a fun idea, and I really can't wait to see mine when it get's back to me! Here's the starter:

It's more of the Malabrigo worsted in Loro Baranquero colorway. It looks kinda nifty in this broken-rib style ribbing pattern. I wanted to go with a scarf that would look the same on both sides, so that will be my "request" to subsequent participants. Should be interesting! I'll be sure to post the finished product when it returns to roost.

Another FO, inspired by your suggestion is my "Frosty Beret".

Yay I didn't blink!
Malabrigo Chunky in Pink Frost, 1 skein

It's a brilliant (and free!) pattern by the ever-so-talented Kirsten at Through the Loops

Such a cheerful pink, without being Sweet-n-Low

It's a top-down beret using any yarn that you like because it's really a seat-of-your pants style design. I gotta say a top-down hat is a great thing, but starting a project on size 10.5 (us) kneedles and 4 stitches (that's right people! 4!) is NOT EASY.

Mine came out a little large, so I think I might frog it and start again. It was seriously fast though, so it's not like I lost a lot of time. Now that I know the pattern better, I might try a textured stitch or something... we'll see.

Now to begin my Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day! Can't wait!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Heeeere fishy fishy fishy...

Hey Robin!
Finished my first FO of 2009! The Fish Hat from Knitty. I swear to you as soon as I saw this hat I knew I had to knit it for Little Guy, whether he wanted it or not (and the jury is still out on that one).

How awesome is this hat?!

I mean seriously. How can anyone with a kid not want to make one too?

It's awesome because you really can make it by stash-diving for scraps. I happened to have just purchased some Cascade 220 superwash. Nice stuff by the way... it's the darker blue up front there.

I love this hat. If I have my way he wears it every day... but so far we have yet to get out of the house with it ;)