Thursday, January 22, 2009

We interrupt this program...

Hey Robin,
Sitting in my car waiting for school to get out today and I was reminded (as I am every thursday at 3-ish pm) about a fantabulous program that my favorite local radio station and I just feel like I gotta gush about it right here and now.

KEXP is a local npr station, but it's not yo mamma's npr. It's ALL music baby. Awesome music. I love almost all of it (who loves it all? seriously...) and it just makes me happier than happy. I loved KROQ when I lived in L.A. but apparently I didn't know what real radio was (love ya KROQ! But I've grown up!).

Since they are an npr station they got most of their funding from the public and from conscientious companies and individuals who really seem to care about music. It's awesome. I try to give once a year now if I can. Every little bit helps.

Anyway, the main reason for today's gush is the documentary segment that is presented weekly in the aforementioned time slot. I get really silly about looking forward to these things and bummed when I miss one. So... if i had been PAYING ATTENTION... I would have noticed that little "bit" at the end where the DJ mentions that you can go online and listen to all of them.


Go there. Now.


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