Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey Robin,
Sorry for the delay, I actually finished something on Sunday! Actually I delayed my errands because I had only half an inch to go on my long-time sock project and I REALLY wanted to wear them out that day. It didn't take too long all things considered and I had the joy of bopping-around town wearing them and feeling just-a-little smug. They are so comfy and I don't care that they aren't identical. I do wish I had some open-top shoes like some Mary Janes or something to show off the purdy colors!

It's kind of hard to tell here, maybe I can get some off-the-hooves pictures later but if you look carefully... the foot on one matches the leg on the other (as far as the pooling or color-repetition goes) and vice versa. You can see it better if you concentrate on the yellowey-green parts. I really like how the foot on the right sock is striping, but when i got to my wavey-rib pattern on the leg, it got very "pool-ey". Not as nice. Interesting how that happens!

"One of these things is not like the other!"
Project notes: I used Wendy's generic toe-up sock instructions for foot/heel, used ripple-rib stitch pattern for leg. Yarn: Hazel Knit's Artisan Sock in the Green Lake colorway and size 1 US (2.5mm i think) needles.

Next sock project is for DH. I am going toe-up again because I just like how that works, but this time I am going to see if I can do a gussetted heel because I think those are tougher-wearing and I would like to see how it works! I started yesterday but already have to rip back a bit because the Hubster's feet are narrower than I remembered. Woops!


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