Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy bee!

Hey Robin!
I've managed a few more notable FO's and wanted to share!

A couple of my Ravelry Friends and fellow Malabrigo Junkies have been busy designing items and I managed to finagle myself into a test-knitting spot! Whee!

Ariadne by Jenny Raymond:
Love Cables? I do! This mitt satisfied a real urge to get some cables done and wearable... and FAST! Soon I will tackle the right-mitt. Can't wait.

I'm sorry it's so hard to see the actual cables! Have I mentioned that the "close up" setting on my camera doesn't really mean what it says? I should really get to reading that manual.... This is Malabrigo's silky-merino in the Camote colorway... to match my clapotis!

Next up, is a sneak-peek at something that I made as a gift. So full-pictures will have to wait, but here's the teaser:

Pretty, no?

A request from a small-member of the household led to a stash-dive which ultimately resulted in this cuteness:

It's a Big Bad Baby blanket... only smaller :D Can you resist that sweet little face? I know I can't!

I also wanted to finally share my latest acquisition. I think I mentioned that my birthday gift to me was membership in this year's rockin' sock club with Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I am so excited, I've wanted to do this for a long time but always seemed to miss the sign-ups! Here's my first delivery (just the yarn-part) ain't it PURDY?!

Beads!! Beads!! I know I will try to rip out the bead the first time I put the socks on but I can't wait to make them. Really should finish the hubby's promised-pair first though.

Now I leave you with a question to ponder. What do you think of this yarn:

For making this pattern, by Angela Sixian Wu. Grey as the background color. The red is a discontinued Sundara Sock yarn that I am in love with and it's just so hard to finally commit to a project for it! I thought the argyle-pattern would be interesting in this... thoughts?


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