Monday, January 12, 2009

It's the Little Things

Hey Robin,
I think you have withstood my blathering-on about how difficult it has been lately when dropping the Kidlet off at Kindergarten... frankly it's been hell. I am now dreading the routine as much as he is and I haven't a clue how to fix it.

Today I have had an inspiration to try a new tactic: A woobie.

Woobie (n.) [wu-bee] 1. An item of emotional attachment, usually a blanket or stuffed animal. 2. Possible saviour of a Mom's sanity.

Little Guy already has a woobie. A stuffed puppy that is one of the most wonderfully huggable little creatures that he has ever gotten. It was just one of those things, received as a gift from my Aunt, forgotten almost immediately, then one day picked up and suddenly incorporated into every day family life and not put down since. She is a constant companion and well-loved, but she is not allowed at school... (absolutely understandable "no private toys" policy)

Enter new woobie. New Woobie was inspired when I sat here in this very spot, trying to imagine WHY he does not want me to leave the school property. Every morning in a panic: "Will you stay here all day Mama?!" I lie and hang-out for a while until I am sure he is thoroughly distracted by the classroom activities (I'm a bad Mother, but my god people, it's 30-40 degrees out there!). He knows I will leave eventually, but previous to this holiday break, it was a part of a routine where he would ask, I would lie, and all would be well....

Before the holiday break there was no panic though. It was simply a need for reassurance that I would be 'around'. However AFTER the holiday, the need for reassurance has exploded into a need for PRESENCE. I definitely cannot stay and have tried going the "honest route" by explaining that I can't be there because I don't want to distract him, that I can be there at a moment's notice if he decides he needs me more than anything else. That has NOT been a satisfactory answer. I am wondering if this will help:

As a result of my most-recent challenge of conquering the Tapestry Cowl (it is still in progress, but I have to say I am LOVING it and can't wait to see it all done) which is a double-knit colorwork project, I thought to myself that I could make a two-sided item that could be stuffed in a pocket with something in it that would MEAN something to us both. This is why there is an "m". "M" is for Mama and also for Little Guy's name. How fortunate that we share this initial!

I am hoping that presenting this to him with a story about how it's magic and that holding it will tell me he is thinking of me and that I will think of him at the same time will allow him to relax his fears about my not being around. What do you think?

Now to decide when to give it to him. Wish me luck!

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