Monday, May 7, 2007

A planting I will go...

Hey Robin,

This weekend was the UW Master Gardener's Plant Sale. W00t! I love me the plant sales. Good plants, good prices, loads of advice for novices like myself. I think you know, but I will re-explain, that when we bought this house a couple years ago the yard was HUGE (by suburban standards) and a little neglected. So i have been happily learning to weed/plant/feed/prune and try-not-to-kill all KINDS of cool things. I have discovered that i LOVE Irises. I think everyone has a favorite plant... i heart Irises. And fortunately they grow well here. I stole a few rhizomes of a beautiful bronze bearded one from the house we rented previously. It seems quite happy in it's new home. Seriously. I took, like, TWO rhizomes and in a couple years i had to split it up into SEVEN! The original two are still in the first place I put them... the other five siblings are in a new spot... we're waiting to see if they are happy there. Here's a pic of the beauty from last year

Anyway back to my intended subject: the plant sale. There's something about being around so many gardeners... of all makes and models. Gardening, like knitting, is made up of some of the happiest, most serene and welcoming people you could ever find. I feel privileged to be among them most times. Things like plant sales are really good for one's blood pressure! There's no stress, no rush, no pressure. It's awesome. Almost as good as a spa visit (i said ALMOST). I think it's really no mystery that so many knitters are also gardeners. I think the two habits go hand in hand. Don't you? Well, it's just a theory anyway...
Here's the haul:
The CD is from a guy who was just happily sitting amongst the plants... playing his beautiful music. It was heavenly... i had to buy one of his CDs. Seriously, if you like classical guitar, I must recommend him. He was also a rather nice chap!
I got to buy some carniverous plants for "the hub" he was pleased :) I think that was as happy as I have ever seen him get about a plant. Excepting perhaps the yummy heirloom tomatoes...
Anyhoo... got to take the lad to the library before the book police come take my Mommy-card away from me ;)
Hope your day is going well!

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