Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lookey Lookey!

Hey Robin!

YAY!!! No comments about how badly the stripes don't line up... I don't care... I'm not taking these off all day!

*sigh* OK, hub has pointed out something...

AFTER my shower... I'm not taking these off all DAY! They feel so neato. Must make more. After a couple other projects... suddenly i feel the need to make something on LARGE needles. Can't imagine why!

In other news, the Little Guy hollered from the other room "There's a rocket on the ceiling!" Now, being a boy who is prone to hollering such things on a regular basis we took barely any notice... until:

"Holy?! There IS a rocket in the ceiling!!"

And since it's spring and I can't NOT have a garden pic in here:

Ain't he cute? My Dad gave me this YEARS ago and he's gone with me everywhere I have moved. I think this is the best planting he's had in years, what i really wanted was that succulent that looks a little bit like seaweed, but i haven't been able to find that here....
Have a great day!

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