Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Presenting: The Apprentice Beanie

Hey Kate!

I'm done! It looks better in person than it does in the pics. I'm much happier with the results than I thought I would be. Though it is technically reversible, the blue side looks much better than the white/natural side -- mostly due to some mistakes I made.

The design needs some work because as it stands, there is one faulty star due to the design. The rest of the problems are all knitter error. Well, that and the fact that stars don't come out all that great knitted.

The hat took most of one hank each of the Cadena in Tide and Natural. I used 16" size 10 bamboo circular kneedles until the end when I used size 10.5 DPNs. I will write up the pattern soonly, but I have to catch up to my other writing first.

It is meant to be worn as a beanie, but also can be worn as an actual apprentice hat if the mood should strike you thusly.



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