Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Skully Talk

Hey Kate!

So I've been working on the Skully for some time now. That is the Ravelry link to the skull-sleeved sweater from Stitch 'n Bitch. It's for the Spousal Unit and I had originally planned to get it done for Christmas, but as you can see I failed. You see, I hate sewing and I'm not too fond of doing stockinette straight, either. So I've decided that even though I've knit a quite a bit on the front (see below), I'm going to EZ it.

So instead of knitting a bunch of pieces and sewing them together (ew), I've cast on an EZ seamless sweater. I will still use the Skully sleeves (though in the round), but I will be making an EZ raglan sweater otherwise. I'm using Cadena (my yarn of choice, lately) in Coal and Natural. Of course, I'm using size 11 of my new Harmony kneedles which I love far more than what is healthy. I've cast on 161 stitches, which should make quite a large sweater -- I'm hoping.

I'm not following EZ's complete directions, however, (which, in fact, is following her directions since she says to change pattern directions) because I knit in the garter stitch border rather than going back and adding it later. Not only will that mean less finishing later, but it also means that the sweater won't curl up on me during the long stockinette stretches.

It makes great knitting for watching TV on the couch while whimpering about how I'm still sick. The Spousal Unit also makes sure to remind me to knit if I let my hands fall during interesting parts.

I'll keep you up to date on my progress.



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