Monday, January 28, 2008

The prodigal project

Hey Kate!

I finally dug out the Lacy Top and unsewed the backward panel. After re-sewing it and all the other little pieces, it was a lot of fun crocheting the border. The yarn was Knitpicks Shine Worsted, which is very yummy though it does split very easily. And I used an I crochet hook, not that it matters very much. Crocheting is just so much less kneedle dependent than Knitting. I use a cheap metal hook and love it, but I am such a kneedle snob.

From now on, before I fall in love with a pattern, I must look at how it's made. This one had too much sewing and it requires a snap (which I don't have) to make up for poor design. In crocheted goodies, this is what I like to stitch, not things like this lacy top.

Regardless, it is adorable. It's big on Emme, but that was as intended.



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