Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knitting, knitting, everywhere!

Hey Kate!

I've been sick, as you know, so I haven't done much of anything except playing ToonTown. Since I last posted, I did receive some delicious yarn, however.

Malabrigo, Blue Sky Organic Cotton and Blue Sky Alpaca Sport. Soooo luscious. I got them from Jimmy Beans, the store that you recommended. Here is a link to their newsletter, so you can drool with me.

Speaking of yarn and ToonTown, I had to do a quest at the Sweater Lodge in The Brrrgh. First I had to go defeat Cogs until they dropped some yarn. Then the yarn wasn't the right color, so I had to go do some busy work, while Johnny Cashmere dyed the yarn. Then I had to go fishing for his lost kneedles. (I can see why knitting might be a fun thing to do while fishing.) Then Mr. Cashmere gave me some more busy work to do while he knitted up the quest item. I'm guessing one of the developers is a knitter or is married/related to one.

Emme is destroying the place, so I gotta go. Future blackmail pic to follow. She is so going to appreciate the smooshed banana in the hair picture when she's 14, don't you think?



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