Friday, January 18, 2008


Hey Robin!
I have a couple of FO's to report! Yay!

Here are the finished mittens. Yay! I can tell you, these are SO warm and toasty and the fact that they don't clamp-down around my wrist isn't nearly as much of a problem (yet) as I thought it might be. I don't think i'll be doing many snowball fights with them, but for tooting-around-town they are just what the Mommy ordered! I had no idea the thumbs would be so well camoflaged in that picture. There are thumbs! I promise!
Also I reversed the colors in mitten #2... just 'cause. If I were really smart (and had the energy) I probably would have reversed the pattern too so they would look better side-by side. Ah well, live and learn! I'm calling these mittens:

Sunshine and Blue Skies:
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in pollen and bijou blue.
Pattern: Generic norwegian mitten graph and celtic spiral pattern from Celtic Charted Designs (pattern 225), Dover books

Next up in the FO gallery:
A friend/co-worker of Hub just recently had a wee bairn. They are nerds like us, so when i saw this pattern for a Baby Yoda Sweater... I had to make it. I mean it's really not much for a yoda-lookalike but it IS a little reminiscent of the smock type things the jedi wear... if you squint a bit ;)

I'm truly sorry the pictures suck so bad....

Anyway, the designer made it with MissionFalls 1824 cotton with this reasoning: "Young Jedis prefer natural fibers, you know. Acrylic interferes with The Force". I love it. Well all i had to-hand was some sugar n cream and so i made-do. It's the "ecru" color... yes the sleeves are a different dye-lot. Don't tell! I made a couple small changes to the pattern: knit it in the round, kitchenered the shoulders, picked up stitches around the arm-hole and knitted down rather than up (can anyone tell i hate seaming?) and made crochet-chains for the ties instead of i-cord only because I think they are easier to tie... i could be wrong. If the Mommy tells me that the crochet cords aren't strong enough I will made the appropriate changes :) It's an adorable little sweater! I'm so glad I found it on Ravelry!

The hat is "Simple hat" which I also found on Ravelry. In retrospect I probably should not have made it from cotton... it won't be fitting the young gentleman's head for long. But it fashionably matches the sweater.... perhaps I will follow up with a wool hat later on. ;)

Next up on the agenda: More Kid Kaper (a bit of a slog, sorry it's taking so long) and Skirtsicle! Wheeeee!


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