Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Widdle Footwets!

Hey Robin!
OMG i had no idea when i started just how cute these things would be. I gotta say: first baby socks and it may be addicting. I might follow-up every pair of adult socks with a pair of plan ol' baby socks. I will then have a stash of baby socks for everyone we know who has a baby. Like Mason-Dixon Kay, i may shed baby socks as I walk down the street.

Did you have any idea that a 10 sided die was the almost the same size as a newborn baby leg?? And no comments about the fact that I have percentile dice on my desk thank you.

They are so simple to do, and these were my first short-row heel! I didn't like them at first. You know that. But having to do two on each sock i started to get the hang of it. Now I know why knitters are always asking how to close up the holes in their heels. I never had holes when I did the heel-flaps! I just didn't get it! Now I get it... and now I have to go find those helpful tips on exactly how to do that. How DO you close up a gap created by a k3tog?? The word wants to know!

The pattern i used for these plain stockinette ones is called Hunca Munca. Free pattern, with three variations that are really great (I'm going to do the little cabled one with some plainer yarn that i have laying about). Mostly-easy to understand, though I really think there might be a better way to write the short row heel instructions... but she did better than I would have! I mean no criticisms! Anyway, soon i will cast on the second pair since these are for new twin boys!

Don't you just wanna choke they are so cute?

Cuteness aside, I have a new obsession. I am going to need socks to knit on my vacation (Disneyworld! w00t!) and i decided on these in my Lorna's Laces Douglas Fir color way. This is the shepherd sock yarn she makes and o. my. gawd. Um... yeah nice yarn there. Trouble is I am knitting them on my rosewood sock kneedles from latern moon. I heart rosewood. The mere act of swatching is making me all aquiver. The greeny-blue and the rosewood together, these two were a match made in heaven. I only hope the gauge comes out right because I had my heart set on this pattern... i mean, she uses a reference to the Green Man! How could i not make these??!! It's like FATE!

Yarn Fate!


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