Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do over!

Hey Kate!

So anyway, last night I started worrying about how big my stitches were coming out on the EZified Skully. I consulted with the recipient and we agreed that I should go down to 10 1/2 kneedles instead of the 11s I was using.

Now, as you know, the whole point of a swatch is to see what your gauge is with particular kneedles, yarn and your own style of knitting. I had decided to read the gauge of my initial Skully attempt. You know, the one that I knitted straight instead of circular, knitted on Boye kneedles instead of the Harmony, and knitted using English instead of Continental. Yes, I'm brilliant. So, when I pulled the EZ Skully off the kneedles, I discovered that my gauge was just a wee bit off, unless I was knitting for a horse.

So, I swatched a little tube on the 10.5 kneedles and discovered that my gauge was 3 stitches per inch. (I had calculated the previous gauge at 3.5 stitches per inch. Obviously, it was more like 2 stitches per inch.) This is still a little big, but the Spousal Unit isn't really looking for a tight fabric, so I'm going with it for now. Once I get a few rows past the border, if I still feel it's too loose, I'll begin again with size 10s.

I started again by casting on 150 stitches and am halfway through the garter stitch border.

Knitting without tears of laughter seems to be a difficult task for me.



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