Thursday, January 31, 2008

No really. Do over.

Hey Kate!

I'm working on about 2 and a half hours' sleep right now, FYI. And yes, I had to start the sweater over again last night. I discovered that it was twisted which, as you know, is a fatal flaw in a circular garment.

When I pulled it off the kneedles, I discovered that it was also too big. It seems that while my gauge was just fine this time, my measuring of the spousal unit's favorite sweater was not so fine. I was off by 4 inches somehow. How hard is it to use a tape measure anyway?

So now I've begun again and I've cast on 150 stitches on size 10 kneedles. Hopefully, this one will stick.

Emme seems to have the TV knitting pose down just right.



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