Friday, January 4, 2008

Inspired by Anne... and Kay... and Ann

Hey Robin!
How far behind i have been in my blog READING (we won't even discuss the blog WRITINg-behindedness) I have discovered that at the same time that I was pestering one of my Maternal Uncles about my Great Grandmother's recipe books (he now lives in the house that her husband built for her), Mason Dixon was thinking about a contest for recipe boxes! How great! However my Granny's recipes weren't in a box... they were crammed into books like Anne's family-recipes! Her pics of the family-treasure inspired me to share my recently arrived bounty from Louisiana!

So I can't enter the MasonDixon contest, because these just aren't purdy-enough.... but I can "play" too can't I? :) Here we go:

OK on the left is the collection of recipes, some handwritten/typed, most are clipped from various magazines (see pic on right). No, those aren't your eyes playing tricks, there is no longer a cover on that monster. I swear, the greatest part of all this are all the fabulous advertisements from the 50's! It's a treasure trove!

OK next up the Big-Momma prize, this is the one I was asking for:

This ladies (and gents?) is a WW2 era Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. The most recent copyright date on there is 1943. And here's the bit that always fascinated me growing up:

That right there is an insert on how to cook better wartime meals. History folks... in a cookbook.


I love BH&G... how many cookbooks do YOU have that tell you how to get spots out of your laundry??

There, I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I am enjoying these treasures!

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