Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Better late than never

Hey Kate!

As you know, I got to meet the Yarn Harlot too when she came to Los Angeles. Because I currently have a car-deficiency, I took public transportation down to see our favorite Knitter/Humorist. The new Orange Line in the valley -- which is a bus that thinks it's a train -- was really great. I knit on an elevated seat next to the part in the bus that folds when you turn corners. I know, I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. The trip there included the standard random encounters of the super-chatty-lonely-rider and the aggravated-bus-driver. Unfortunately, no tin-foil-hat candidates were present on the round trip -- which is too bad, because I love me the crazy fellow traveler.

Two hours later I arrived at the Mark Taper auditorium which is in the beautiful central library building. It is very close to the Pershing Square Red Line stop and there are lots of signs for the noob traveler. I bet you were expecting a picture here, too. Sorry to disappoint.

I showed up a few minutes late (after purchasing my copy of Knitting Rules!) and got a seat in the back. I was just in time to see the end of Ellen Bloom's intro. Later, I heard Ellen telling how she had asked Stephanie if she ever crocheted. Stephanie answered that only when she had to for edging. Ellen was a bit irritated, since she is a crochet celebrity.

Then, of course, was the main event. Since I tend to tear up when I laugh too hard, I'm certain I had no mascara on by the end of the show.

I love how she doesn't even try to go for a broader audience. She's for us. Our own.

I also love how she knitted during the question and answer session, which she purposely took too long just because she could. (Sorry for the blurry. These pictures are with my old camera.)

Afterward, there was a huge line to get her signature. I did the preboarding (kinda) because I had a 2+ hour commute to get home and I was afraid of trekking through the Valley in the dark.

As it was, I walked from Victory to Saticoy because the bus was taking forever and sitting at bus stops sucks. But I did go the last leg of my trip by bus and got home just before Emme's bed time.

Harlot has a pic of me up with my first sock which will probably be frogged since I have no desire to cast on such a boring second sock. The tutorial is really great, it's just that I need more fun for all that tiny knitting to keep me going. Plus I think that tutorial is really for uber beginners and I'm definitely in the advanced beginner stage, ever since the purse. (How odd. Our archives seem to be in a different language.)

I leave you with my pic of me and the Harlot.



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