Thursday, October 18, 2007

The evil Knit Picks catalog

Hey Kate!

As you know, those jerks at Knit Picks sent me a catalog in the mail today. I know, I know. I signed up for it. But I shouldn't be held responsible for actions I made while under yarn buying induced euphoria.

If you want to be tortured like me, you can sign up for postal evilness in the My Account section under Privacy.

Bulletpointed rantings to follow:
  • I like the container for the Options nickel plate set better than the one for the Harmony set. Ah well. I must have those wooden interchangeable kneedles!
  • Oh look! You can buy the bags separately.
  • They have a very nice sock kneedle set which is going on my dream list.
  • They are evil about the toys too. have you seen their teleidoscope? They call it a design tool. How dare they turn a toy I can resist to a "design tool" that I need?
  • They have a section about the proper use of stripes for flattery. A very nice section. That makes me want to make a stupid fair isle sweater. They have it on a model in the catalog so you can see how comfortable and flattering it looks.
  • They put that on a model too. It looks SO awesome on. So now Big Girl Knits is on my wish list.
  • The black stripes on this are so flattering on the model. It's too sporty for me... but can you see it with like a celtic knot color pattern on the sleeves instead
  • They also show some things which i might have thought were cute but that on the model just don't work, which is good.
  • They have a whole section for EZ.
  • And a book section.
  • And stupid cable kneedles that are harmony ones and look like lovely toys i must have. They are even an evilly great price.
  • And what do you think of this? Look at the note on the bottom. It's obvious the people who work there knit.
  • This is cool too.
  • And the colors in their print catalog? Truer than their online one. For the yarn. Much truer.
  • The back cover was partially ripped from the mailbox and Emme completed the tear. She probably wants me to make the cute colorwork sweaters on the back for her. Well tough! I'm not doing it! I will not be coerced!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


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  1. Those BASTARDS! How could they do that to you??

    I think you should buy something... just to show them!

    ...oh wait...