Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sending you a cable

Hey Robin,
Sorry for the lack-of-posts! I've been KNITTING and apparently I can only do one thing at a time... who knew?

What am I working on now you might ask? Well, i will tell you! First I will tell you that I am working on a Jayne Hat. I am trying to kinda work my own formula for it as the one linked here doesn't quite work for the yarn I have (Moda Dea Washable Wool). But I messed it up... the earflaps aren't NEAR long enough and it has to really be long in order to be right!! So no pics of that monster...

Next up! I cast-on an Earl Grey sock from Yarn Harlot (scroll down). It's a super-simple pattern... assuming of course that I am doing it right. It's cables without cable needles, which I am unused to, but she explains it pretty well, so I think it's going all right. Unfortunately it's not the same yarn, or even the same weight of yarn (Elann Baby Cashmere in tapestry blue). But I was able to alter the number of st st in between the cables. If I ended up doing it all correctly I will be very proud of myself! Here's a pic, just to tide you over. But I warn you the next few pictures are a pretty lost-cause as it seems my photography skills (being what they are) have gone on vacation. So I apologise that you can't see the mini-cables very well. Perhaps if I had stretched out the stitches a little? Maybe for the next post...

Imagine that I am doing a great job, and then the picture will instantly look better! Promise!

Perhaps if you squint a little too....

Next! Swirley hat! (aka Cap Karma). I have been wanting to make a red-hat for the Little Guy (his fave color) and this Blue Sky Cotton leapt off the shelf at me... I swear! It's bright, soft and holds a shape well. I will probably try this pattern again with another yarn to see what happens. Actually I know what happens. Anyway, it's a fun fun fun pattern and I fully plan to use it again (with the Brooklyn Tweed variation). Here it is thus far:
I apologise for my inability to take a picture of red.

On another note, when i went to Smariek's blog I noticed that she is also about to make a Jayne Hat. That's a freakish coincidence for me. She's using the Elann Highland Wool. If I had planned ahead I could have done that too...

I finished the present for my Dad. I will take a pic after I have gotten the zipper in and after it's been blocked and all that fun stuff. Yay! That's two Christmas presents DONE (almost). I'm practically giddy.

How goeth your Christmas preparations?


  1. Those cables on the sock are itty bitty! I need to learn that cable with no cable needle technique. I've tried, but with major user error! You practically need to with socks, though. It is maddening to use a cable needle with #1DPNs! Pretty hat - dontcha love it when yarn just jumps off the shelf?

  2. It's super easy to do the no-CN- cables when it's just one stitch per side! It works!
    I really like the hat too, and it's going FAST. I think I am a mere 10 rows from finishing! Yay! It's a really nice cotton, I hope it holds up to a 4-year-old well :)