Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Instant Gratification

Hey Kate!

I've been crocheting some immediately useful things because, well they are immediately useful and I just love that high of completing a project. Well, who doesn't? It's why we're here.

First of all, I used some of the same cotton that I used to make my dishcloth to make Crochet Dude's Grocery Bag Dispenser (scroll down). If I keep using the same skein to make useful kitchen stuff, it will look like I actually planned a coordinated kitchen project. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. Anyway...

In order to make the bag, I needed 5" hair elastic thingies, so I got a big card full of them so I could make other useful things with them.

You see, I have a hard time keeping track of my hair scrunchies. Kira doesn't like me wearing them and makes them disappear after removing them from my head. So I used some of the lovely wool from my purse to make a hair scrunchy that I just found on the floor with either Emme spit or Loki spit on it... Both were lurking in the vicinity. Anyway, I used the City Slicker Scrunchy pattern from the 2006 Crochet Pattern A Day calendar. It was a VERY quick project and I plan to make quite a few more of them, particularly since that one seems to have disappeared again.

My OTK projects remain the same, though I haven't listed the crocheted crochet tools case that I'm working on during Active Emme Time. I re-started the MS3 and enjoyed working on that last night. Unfortunately for the stole but fortunately for other reasons, I have to work hard on my writing job tonight, so I probably won't be able to work on the stole till tomorrow.

Gotta go!


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