Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Idealist

Hey Robin,
Back when I was young (a week ago) I had promise... talent even... I became too cocky. My hubris would lead me down a path that I have vowed not to take again (until next time). Melanie wasn't kidding... lace-knitting on this magnitude is not for the faint-of-heart.

Fortunately I am not faint of heart... but i might be a little faded-at-the-temples. It isn't helping that Stephanie joined in and finished Clue #1 in a heartbeat. Have you SEEN that video??

I have never frogged a project so much as I have frogged this one! Ack and other-expletives-i-can't-write-down! Finally I managed to get to row 89 and I am currently afraid of picking it up in fear of flubbing it up again. I am taking a picture so that there is PROOF that I made it this far!

Not even done with clue #1 yet, but happy to have that lifeline where it is...

...Next time i'll listen to Melanie. Hee.

Meanwhile this is sitting next to my keyboard wondering what it did wrong and why is it not finished.... Shoosh you! You were SUPPOSED to be done before i started this madness!!

Are there any psychologists available on Sundays?


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