Friday, July 20, 2007


Hey Robin,
Betcha didn't think i was gonna write "from the road" didja? Huh huh? I am comandeering Dad's wonderful laptop while he is doing other things... and trying to decide how many of the LYSs listed in the Glendale area actually still exist... and then how many of them i can get to in the matter of a few hours. Hee.

No pics todaybecause #1: I didn't bring my camera... and #2 I can't figure out how to dl pics from Dad's camera to this 'puter. I got lots of action shots of him dancing wearing... the Kilt Hose Toppers that i made for him! Yes. My Dad does Scottish Country dancing, which is a bit like square dancing, though a bit older I would guess. His group had a big shin-dig last night and i got to go watch (no thank you, my two left foots have been declared dangerous, and are not allowed too close to other dancing feet). Too fun!

Oh and I think we're finally going to go see the new HP movie today. Yay!

Can't wait to see ya tomorrow!

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