Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now we can eat...

Hey Robin,
I have a brief-post today, because I have been so bad about the postage lately! Shame on me! Shame!! I've been so absorbed in everyone else's blogs that I have completely forgotten to do my part for the blogosphere.

So today I have for you: Fambly Placemats!
Pattern: Bright Placemats from Lion Brand Yarn website, they are very fiesta-ey but i just wanted something to go with our nice dinner ware. So i mixed-it-up with da colors and made three (cuz we are a fambly of three!)
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter cotton, Lion Kitchen Cotton and recycled-sweater cotton (the red)
Needles: 8?
Actually I used da macheen for these and then tossed them in the washing macheen to tighten them up a bit. The fabric is from some "fat quarters" i found at a fabric store... it was hard to find three different fabrics that would still "go". It worked out I think!

Now I gotta go post my new stash to Ravelry.


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