Thursday, August 2, 2007

FO's and other train wrecks...

Hey Robin,
While you are off enjoying the buzz that is Blizzcon, I am stressing the Stole, halting a halter, and lurving some lettuce... let me 'splain.

So the stole, not a lot of work done on it since i came to see you because of hiccups in other knitting plans and getting sick (*urp*) and not having enough dedicated time (I have to have the promise of 20 minutes uninterrupted for a RS row! DANG!)... and it has suffered. I have just finished Clue 3. Here is the train-wreck that is my stole (Yes Melanie! I know you warned us noobs to beware!)

...don't stare too long i am embarrased enough. If you spot the "issues" I don't want to know :p

So then while that was "on the shelf", I realized a 2-year-old's birthday was crashing in on me at an enormous speed and i hadn't even started anything for her. Thank GOD for knitty because there was the perfect little thing! This Katja halter is perfect. I may get a little undershirt to go with it but otherwise: CUUUUTE!!

I used that Bernat Handicrafter cotton of the "twists" variety. I actually think it might be manufactured a little different from their standard fare... it was really nice to knit with and the strands weren't constantly coming apart on me like usual...

If it looks a little different to some people, apologies but I had to do it up on the "machine" because i was seriously running out of time and on the needles it was giving me grief from gauge. But it came out pretty good! Here's a detail:

I wouldn't normally want to give a detail shot on a machined piece, but garter stitch on these things is a serious pain in the fanny... so you must gaze appreciatively...


OK, I know all of you are waiting in wonder about the "lettuce". (Hee. I said "all of you" like there's more than one or something.) Yesterday I found a "lunch salad" at my grocery store. It's made by Fresh Express, the one I got is called "Orchard Harvest". All I gotta say is: "Yum". And to top it all off it has the COOLEST utensile in salad HISTORY! Lookey:
...bamboo ones no less.
OK must go pick up the boy :) Later!

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  1. Your stole looks great! I don't know what you are talking about.

    Also, you seem to be having better luck with the twists than I am. Mine is splitting like crazy. Totally adorable halter!

    Yay bamboo!