Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Heart my new Kneedles!

Hey Robin,

I finally got to start a Christmas project.... a pair of socks using the tofutsies yarn and the beautiful new sock kneedles I splurged on when you and I went yarn-petting. They're Lantern Moon, limited editions or something like that... rosewood, size 2. They are awesome. I love the smooth feel, the warmth and they are just purdy-to-see. Plus, I like that they are a little shorter than your average dpn, not as much to "push through" when going round and round.

Here's some knit-porn:
Sorry for the reflection on the mag... anyway it's the special Holiday edition of IK, 2006. I hope I don't scroo them up too badly since they are supposed to be a gift!

Teehee! FUN

Later :)

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