Monday, August 20, 2007

Show and Tell

Hey Robin,
I'm sorry I haven't been "on". These last two weeks have been a madhouse and then next two are promising to be pretty amazing as well. Little-Guy starts school just after Labor Day and I have a couple things to do before then :p But to make up for the lack of posts i have TONS O PICTURES to share! And not just knitting neither!! Here we go:
I promised a picture "in situ" of the knitted vest i made for the newly-two-year-old. It fits! Yay!! She's such a cutie-pie and it looks so great on her! And when Fall comes she can wear it with long sleeves! See? Seattle isn't ALWAYS the death of fun clothes!!

Here's my other cutie-pie. 'Member this skirt? Her Mom promises one where she isn't flipping it up... but i think it's wonderful to see her "play" in it! That's the "Hey Mickey" skirt in case you forgot....

OK so here's where we had Little-Guy's birthday party. I heartily recommend it for anyone who has their own Little-guy-who-love-airplanes... in case you are wondering he is:

Four years old. :)

Here's the cake Mommy made:

...I know, it's goofy. But i HAD to share!!

And yesterday the clan went here for Brunch:
Oooh... Aaaah. The food was good too!
Ever wonder what the EMP/SFM looks like from space?

Now ya don't have to...

OH! And before all that we also went here:

...VERY impressive. (That's Mt. St. Helen's in case anyone wondered)

And lastly, but not leastly... what's on the kneedles at the moment:

Now i gotta go shower so I can go get Cast Off and a ticket to the signing line so I can meet my kntting Hero!!
And crap you just reminded me that I have SO MUCH Ravelry work to catch up on!! Not enough minutes in the hour!!

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