Sunday, June 24, 2007

Would you say I have a plethora of projects?

Hey Robin!

Ok so i got goodies. My desk chair is practically "boxed in" with all the things i want to play with right now! This stuff was singing to me... so I just had to ball it up and think about what to make with it:

Isn't it gorgeous? Is it singing to you across the internets?? You can see why I couldn't waste another moment...

Once i had it wound up a bit, it started speaking to me in a clearer voice. And I could only think of Van Gogh. Now, this has way more blue in it, but still. I think to myself "I can't make socks out of THIS! They would be hidden! I must make something more visible." But with fingering weight and only about 550 yards (plenty for socks sure, but can't really make a wrap can I?) my choices are limited. Then i remembered the scarf! YES!

Knitting it with two strands and a size 8 needle this is what i am getting and the yarn says to me... "You are on the right track". But am I? I absolutely love how this is coming out, but now i am wondering if i should take it up a needle-size or two to open it up a little more. I have so little experience with lace that i can't picture how much it might open with blocking...'s like the leaves were waiting to be this color... i love it.

OK yarn info in case anyone happens to actually READ this post (besides you who was "with" me when i (lunged at) bought it: I found this on eBay in the Mystical Creation Yarns store. It's one of their superwash merino wool sock yarns in the Mother Earth colorway. They have so many lovely colors and the price was sure right!

What else am i sitting cozy with at my little desk? This! Woohoo! Can't wait to block something with it.... these wires seem like they would make blocking lace pretty easy for a novice like me. I'm looking forward to it!

What else? Well... as if THOSE toys weren't enough! I have THIS staring me in the face! A Baby Brunhilda hat! And it's all Claudia's fault ;) I can't believe how cute this is and i can't wait to get a pic of the intended-baby after it's done (i'll post it with permission from the parents if i can!). The kit comes with an explanation of why babies are like vikings... and with respect to Bella Knitting I won't divulge the secret, but it's pretty cute. Well done you guys!

To top all that off, I finished swatching the "caliente" yarn for a pair of jaywalkers and those are whining at me about their lack of progress *sigh*. What on EARTH do i do?

Of course, you notice that none of the aforementioned projects is listed on my "on the kneedles" sidebar. Hee.

And in case all that loveliness wasn't enough. This little guy has been hanging out in our backyard try to mow our lawn. He's a wee-baby too, just big enough, I think, that he would fit on my hand... no bigger than that. And still young enough that he "frolicks"! Such a cutie!!

OK must go figure out which project needs me the most ;)


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