Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Shawl? I got yer first shawl right here...

Hey Robin!
Teehee! I just finished reading Yarn Harlot's latest post (Happy Birthday Stephanie!) and thought i would contribute to the sure-fire First-Shawl showoff in Yarn Bloghood... :D
OK so here's first-shawl! Hi, nice to meet you :)

First-shawl was made of that recycled sari-silk yarn... i think it was put to really good use as a shawl here because it's got "weight" to it and an excellent drape and feels yummy and warm... I found this formula online for making a simple garter-stitch shawl. It was a great help!

Yes that is a lego on the desk. I try to always fit a lego into my project pictures... don't you?

Here is Shawl #2... heretofore known as the BF Hug... it's my BF's birthday present (I think i mentioned going to the LYS with her to pick out the yarn). The yarn is Hempathy in the rose color. It's a much warmer color than seen here, my camera isn't the best in the world for color-correctness... anyway, it's really nice to knit with and i think will drape nicely when it's all done and given a wash to break down the fibers a teensy bit.
Yesterday there were 3 inches on this needle... *sigh* Thank you for helping me with my YO lameness...
Back to you!

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