Saturday, June 2, 2007

The haul!

Hey Robin,

I am so excited about my first yarn-intensive yard sale experience! Here's a pic of the haul:

Two books, a bunch of Mohair (green), two skeins of Knit Picks "sock garden" that looks like fun, a big bag-o-purple. can't wait to see what to do with that. It feels like wool, but there's no ball bands WHEE a mystery! :)
The eensy bags of plum and blue are little grab bags of color, thought i could make little purses or something? and the bag of "misc" is some ends of Noro balls... ooooh what can i do with that?? Something i am sure... maybe a felted something... ooooh
Yay! That was fun!
The yellow rose was given to me by the absolutely precious five year old who was "helping" and who desperately wanted me to have the flower. OMG she was so cute, as was her little sister who wanted me to wear her halloween mask. Adorable-ness incarnate! I wish I had my camera for that.
I hope your weekend is as much fun!

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