Thursday, June 14, 2007

I felt it!

Hey Robin,
After our SWS discussion late yesterday afternoon i was compelled to find out if you can felt (or full actually) the 70% wool.... soy be damned! So i knitted up a super-small kitty-pi (because that's all i could think of) and went to town. Here's what i have so far:
I adore the little "bullseye" on the bottom don't you? Anyway, it felted a teeny bit. I may try to get it to go further today since last night it was late and i was in a hurry... you can still see stitches and stuff, but really all i was going for was something a little stiffer that could hold it's shape. What do you think I should use it for? :)
(Don't worry babe, we were born the same year... and i ALWAYS have trouble remembering how old i am)

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