Monday, June 18, 2007

I must be crazy...

Hey Robin!
I see you signed up for Melanie's MS3 group too. Are we crazy or what? I was lucky to already have some lace-weight lying around wondering what it was doing in a worsted-weight world... so i swatched. I have done very little lace of course, and i KNOW she recommended that lace-novices stay back, but man.... i loves me a mystery and i could NOT stay away! That's like telling someone with a sweet tooth not to look in the cookie jar!! No fair Melanie!

Anyway, here's my swatch, just finished. I have no idea if it looks 'right' or not, but i like it...
Actually i wet it down and stuff, like her instructions said, and i think i will re-look at it tomorrow and see if i still like it. I might be able to spread it out some more, but it's my first REAL 'blockage' so i might mess with it until i go crazy... and then start the stole anyway! Hey... i just SAID i was crazy!
I know you are going to stick with the theme-colors, but i had this red.... and i am saving to buy something else knit-wise and really must stick to my plan. I just discovered that i might have beads already that will fit.
...I'm such a glutton for punishment.

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