Monday, July 28, 2008

"T" bag anyone?

Hey Robin,
It's been a long time since I mentioned the possibility of a "t" bag (lol! Get it? I slay me...) and with the recent era of cooperation between myself and the sewing maching I have finally managed it!

At long last I give you: The "T" Bag!! *commence trumpet sounds and crowd noise!*

I know... after all that set-up the pictures are a huge let-down. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of a bag with just one person? I will try again later when The Little Guy is feeling like helping Mommy.

It's reversible! I thought the double-thickness would make it a bit sturdier (duh!). I assumed that the arm-holes were plenty large enough (because at one time they were, after all, for arms) so I merely shortened the sleeve to make it easier to carry, next time I might contemplate making them even narrower. I opened up the neck-line a lot to make it easier to stuff things inside, but again I may go larger next time. I have to use (see: "test") this one a few times and find out what alterations are necessary.

I can guarantee that if I can make this, YOU can also make this. I am the world's most-pitiful seamstress and seriously if I can figure it out.... well you get it.

If anyone wants a tutorial, then I will work on a picture tutorial after this weekend (family is coming to town and I felt like I should maybe clear-off the dining table).

This bag is going to join my pantheon of already-often used bags in an attempt to reduce the number I shall need to take from various shops. I like that both the inside and outside shirts in this test-run are for the Xbox 360 in one way or another. I also have a Pirate shirt that Hub is too-chicken to actually wear... can't wait to make that one into a bag!!

"T" Bags FTW!!!


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