Friday, July 25, 2008

A new bag in town

Hey Robin!
How's the vacay? I have to thank you again for the Ropa Vieja recipe. It's sooooo good and I have to admit lately that meals that spend all-day getting to where they are... are my absolute favorites. Tuesday I made my Mom's Etouffe! THANKS MOM! That was awesome too. I never knew how much butter went into that dish. Eegads, but then again, no wonder. Y'know?

Did I show you the finished blue-felted bag that I recently made? I think I was keeping you appraised of the progress, but since I felted it (mostly successfully) I haven't said much. TADA! It's DONE!

Yesterday dragged out the sewing machine, bits of fabric, magnet clasps and handles (bought specially for this) and sat down to see what I could make!

You know that I am no seamstress, and indeed my machine and I are rarely on speaking terms. But this time we cooperated and managed to kludge-together something that I am actually rather happy with! It's rare for me to find that in a sewing-scenario! I really wanted this to be lined, in order to be more useful, and also to add a pocket or two. A lining would also serve to hide whatever method I choked-out for attaching the handles to the entire structure...

That as a tricky-bit let me tell you. We can't all be Grumperina!

At any rate, some bits of my fave fabric scraps, some grosgrain ribbon that I've had since the early 90's and the aforementioned handles and clasps and VIOLA!

It's that odd-mixture of all my favorite bits and pieces and obviously they don't go-together for just ANYBODY. I have a feeling this is going to be another one of those projects that only-I will love...

Next: I guess I should update my 'on the kneedles' bit and also maybe think about a couple of future projects YAY!

Also: the shawl for the beloved Aunt was well-received. Brought a little tear to my eye, that one.


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