Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm such a fangirl

Hey Robin,
I promised a blow-by-blow on my studio visit with one of my FAVORITE Yarnies: Wendee Shulsen! So here 'tis:

First of all how sweet is Wendee to let some Crazy-Lady invite herself over to her studio?? SO SWEET! I tell ya. It was a long-time in the making, but she was true to her word and let me come snoop the premises. My ultimate reason for going was this:

Sorry the picture is kind of dark, I am still learning to use a camera as you can see. That's my VERY OWN colorway! Well sorta my very-own... OK we'll call it my very-own skein of Alki Reflections... but I helped! I sorta inspired the colorway and Wendee did the ever-so-splendid job of putting it together. I can't WAIT to knit something with it. I'm so excited. I'm almost TOO excited. I'm thinking maybe I should buy another skein of it so that I can have this one bronzed ;)

KIDDING! I'm knitting something with this puppy!

Anyway, my visit wasn't entirely motivated by greed. Wendee is very sweet and personable, we had met a couple of times at my LYS where she was working and chatted a couple of times through Ravelry. I insinuated myself into her studio and YAY!

Poor girlie was super-busy preparing for her trunk show in Laguna Beach tomorrow. (I wish I could go because it sounds like a lot of fun!) I wanted to help her out rather than just sucking up her free-time like the knitting-leech that I am, and she took me up on my offer. I got to help with some prep and last-minute things while we chatted up a storm about yarn and trunk shows and LYSs and all sorts of things. I got to see pretty much every colorway she makes (which is pretty amazing, dudes, I'm talking like 30 colorways and they all ROCK). I want to buy them all!

She's a smart, talented lady who really cares about her customers and wants to put her best foot forward. I am here to tell you guys that she works HARD for the product she makes and it shows. If anyone chances to see this and lives anywhere near Laguna Beach GO BUY SOME HAZELKNITS! You won't be sorry.

And she even made me lunch! Seriously the best tuna melt I have ever had. That's not saying much because I don't eat a lot of tuna melts, but I really wish I was paying more attention while she was making it so that I could reproduce the recipe!

She also taught me something new about knitting with variegateds. There was a lot of math involved, but it boils down to this: when you have a variegated with lots of color changes (like my precious Alki Reflections) cast on starting at the beginning of a color. Me... I don't usually pay attention, and heck I don't like pooling in my socks but I don't go mental about it either. Turns out this simple fix makes for a VERY different look in a knitted project! I am so glad she told me this, I will start my second Greenlake sock using her tip and compare the two for you. Hopefully soon but since I have a case of startitis it may be a while...

(re: the right picture, wtf is going on with the low-tech-lightbox? Same camera, same box, light is unmoved in relation to the picture on the left... seriously wtf??)

To compound her sweetness, she sent me off with a couple of unsellable-skeins-of-happiness (something weird happened with the yarn and they don't look like her usual great stuff) which I had already oohed and aaahed over thinking: "Heck I would buy these! They look neato!"

I had a grand time Wendee and I hope I can come help you out again! Anytime! Seriously! Call me! lol...


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