Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Eagle has Landed!!

Hey Robin!
I whined and complained and moaned about waiting for my MYB (Magic Yarn Ball) and I feel like a toad because it CAME!! It's wonderful and I feel so spoiled (again... the Malabrigo Junkies are the bestest). Here is my Photo Journal on the unveiling of the package:

The box-o-goodies, just opened; The MYB still wrapped! Oh the anticipation!

All the "stuff" in the box! And this is BEFORE I unwrap the ball (which is btw Spunky Eclectic 100% Alpaca sportweight in colors that are PERFECT for me!)

In front is an adorable needle-felted otter (my favorite animal!) and a copy of the pattern for Green Gables, can't WAIT to start that one! There's two, count 'em TWO hanks of Malabrigo worsted in the Loro Baranquero colorway. Very hot. Very.... enticing. Mmmmm....

In the edibles department, there's a bag of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate collection, Little Guy LOVED the raspberry stuffed one and I noshed a caramel stuffed one while unpacking (how could I not? The bag was right on top of the box!) and BRACH'S NOUGATS!!!! I swear, my swapper, "Kimothy Jones", is ON TOP OF THINGS! She rocks!

The MYB itself was choc-full-o-things that she knew I would lurve:
<--The Haul, the large items: a BROWNCOAT t-shirt! OMG!!! You have no idea (or maybe you do!) of how much I have wanted one of these but decided not to spend the money! The back says "I aim to misbehave" one of the best lines in the whole show (That would be Firefly, if anyone out there hasn't seen it, you are missing out). A Serenity button-magnet too. I heart it, it's already on the fridge at my eye-line. A PIRATE MUG!! It matches exactly the t-shirt I bought Hub a couple of years ago that he wears rather often, but I get to put my coffee in it. How lucky am I?? Oh and ANOTHER ball of 100% Alpaca from Drops. In a gorgeous blue color that I neglected to get the name of. Nice.
Two packets of Soak, I look forward to trying. Some stitch markers in rainbow colors that I had favorited on Etsy (so cool, they're like chain maille). LOVE THEM!! OMG She was too generous!!
A mini-sock (squee!), awesome buttons, a set of tapestry needles (I really must find out what the three sizes mean) and T-pins!! How did she know I totally needed to get more?!
And this little moment of zen. I've been cradling this little guy around the house ever since he was unwrapped. He's adorable and I love him. He has been introduced to my Otter backpack-purse that I bought at the local aquarium. They are buds now. Totally tight.

Kimmer, you rock. You stalked me well and did a great job. Thank you from the bottom of my Malabrigo-linted-heart. You are awesome.


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