Monday, June 30, 2008

A rant about boucle

Hey Kate!

Because the patterns in my sampler are all lace from charts, I decided to start with the simplest project for practice since I'm a charted lace noob.

Unfortunately, that means working with the yarn I least wanted to use in the sampler: the Crayon. Crayon is a cotton boucle yarn. It's soft. It's machine washable. The colors are nice. And now we're done with the nice things to say about it, unless "it's not terrible for a boucle" is a nice thing to say. It's a very odd choice for a lace project.

Who invented boucle yarn anyway? I couldn't find it (though I didn't look that hard) but it seems to be from the French for buckle. So I blame the French.

Other than a gratuitous picture of Emme...

... that's all I got.



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