Monday, June 2, 2008

Meme me me me memeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey Robin,
I spotted an interesting Meme on cosmicpluto and thought it would be a fun thing to explore! Later I have cowl pics... I think. OK here we go:

1) What was I doing 10 years ago? I can hardly remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago! Let's see.... I was 29 and newly married. We were thinking about looking for a condo in the Valley. I was working for a company that at the time was really wonderful but ended up going all-bad in the end and has left me with a not-so-great memory of the place, but i do have fond memories of the people so I guess that counts for a lot. And considering that it is June, and I was living in the Valley, in a house with no central air... I was probably sweating.

2) What are Five Things on your to-do list today? Hum. Need to return some shirts that didn't make the cut for our upcoming Family portrait. Need to also exchange one shirt that DID make the cut for a... ahem... slightly larger size. I need to get some fresh ginger to make something special for a special someone. Weeding if it ever gets nice outside. Re-work logo for Dad's scottish dance band. Find something to cook for dinner tonight. And also ball another skein of wool for a belated gift that I really should get going on... that may be more than 5...

3) Snacks I enjoy: big slice of cheddar cheese dipped in salsa (Can thank the Hub for that one); Ruffles potato chips; triscuits with cheese melted on top; (are you sensing a trend here?) uuuh Roasted Plaintain chips from Trader Joes; mostly salty stuff, but then sometimes I get into a "sweets" mood. eta: forgot about APPLES n cheese and apples and PEANUT BUTTER! YUM.

4) Places I've lived: In order as far as I can remember: Lake Charles, LA; Houston, TX (brief); Five different places in a region we will just call "Los Angeles", CA; Seattle, WA (or Bellevue). Cosmicpluto added: Where would I LIKE to live? and my immediate thought was: in a Craftsman style house in Pasadena, CA.

5) Things I’d do if I was a billionaire: Travel all over the world. Go back to College and become an archaeologist. Buy a Craftsman style house in Pasadena, Ca. :D


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