Monday, June 30, 2008

Feeling a Little Behind?

Hey Robin!
I am so-not-caught-up here. I seem to keep forgetting that updating my projects on Ravelry does NOT automatically post a pithy-update here. AND WHY NOT we might ask?! Casey get on that! ;)

I seem to have forgotten several "dones" so I will list here. Hopefully I will not repeat myself...

Starting at loafer: One pair of loafers for my Aunt using the CocoKnits Malabrigo Loafer Pattern which i LURVE and which is so handy. This time I used that 100percent Wool (I may have the name wrong). I gotta say the material is nice, but I probably won't purchase from them again *alas*. Then a Chinese Waves dishcloth and an Everlasting Bagstopper for a swap-pal! The purpose of this swap was to make a market bag (either knit or crochet) and include a fair-trade product of some kind and an organic yarn. I sent her a skein of Malabrigo Organic Cotton because I AM a Malabrigo Junkie and must spread-the-word! It was a fun swap and I look forward to getting my goodies :) I will share as soon as I get them, I promise! Other things i recently finished have already been posted so I won't go there again. However there is one notable that I have not recently spoken about and you may notice has disappeared from the sidebar WIP list. The Jaywalker.


I was just not meant to have this sock. I have had several false-starts with it and even when i get-gauge I am not haveing a success with the fit! I know it's supposed to be tight, but I am always getting "loose" and i just don't have the strength to do it again. Never say never though, I may try again another time! It is a super-easy pattern and really looks neat! Except on my foot:

Icky wrinkles and the fabric just felt too stiff. Ah well. I LOVE the yarn though! Hazelknits Artisan Sock in the Greenlake colorway LOVE! Even though I just frogged this sock, I immediately cast-on something simple so that I could have a portable-project. Namely Wendy's Generic Toe Up sock pattern. I am already at the ball of the foot and can tell things are going well. I hope to put a picot hem on it to jazz it up a little, but really I am just looking foward to a sock that FITS! (Did I mention that my Greenman socks have gone all wonky on me??). Yaaay for fitting socks. :)

Speaking of swaps, I gotta get this puppy out of the house! It's my "Magic Yarn Ball" and it's gotta get outta here before I get in trouble! (Gotta find a box "square" enough though! Yipe!)

I wrote out a great letter to go with it, but I want to wait to post its contents until after the swappee has gotten it. Sorry!

Other than that I am still attempting to Liberate my Laceweight (No darling! I haven't forgotten you!) and have also started another felted tote bag, though I am going to try to make it with a pair of wood handles I purchased ages ago... we'll see! Once I have something to show there I will show it ;)

Meanwhile nature has a little WIP going in my front yard!


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