Sunday, March 16, 2008

A smattering of this and that...

Hey Robin,
I have, once again, been so focused on the fun-in-my-Ravelry-notebook that I have neglected these hallowed pages. So I will try to make up for lost time. First! I must link to big news. I am so proud to have been a part of creating a new sock yarn colorway! I found out a week ago (or so) but didn't have a link to a picture until now. So please to be going to the Hazelknits shop in Etsy and check out Alki Reflections! I even have a mention in the description! Yay! I have to point out that the product you see is nowhere NEAR what I had in mind when I suggested an Alki Beach colorway, but I can see what she did there and I love it. Beautiful bright colors that I just want to knit in a sockinette so i don't have any silly stitches in the way of my enjoyment. I can't wait...

OK I know... I'm not allowed so much text without pictures so here are some FO's. Truly, i finished so many since my last post that it was silly to come here and add them to the "on the kneedles" sidebar because i would just have to change it again in a day! And me, i'm just too lazy for that fiddly-stuff.

Fibonacci Kitty Pi:

A 'thank you' to Miss Libby for helping me model the bed for scale purposes. You may remember last year I made a kitty pi for my Dad's Blossom. But in a huge miscalculation of scale (Thank you Douglas Adams) it was entirely the wrong size. However it might have made a nice hat... this time I used the right weight of yarn and voila!

For fun I used the Fibonacci sequence in the striping. I thought it was fun and ironic (the sequence being somewhat related to pi... don't ask me how... I'm not sure i entirely understand it myself). The Yarn is Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky, the fuzzy stuff was a clearance yarn at Jo Ann... I think it was called "mink" and it has created a rather delightful ruffle on the edges. I hope Blossom likes it. When I get a picture of her languishing inside I will post one :)

Easter Basket:
In other felting news. I decided to use the last of my Bijou Blue malabrigo to make a basket for Little Guy. I just sort of winged-it for pattern: cast on 30 or so sts, garter st until i had a squarish shape, picked up sts around the edge and started the basketweave pattern that I found in my stitch a day calendar (given my by my great-good friend Robin) and went on and on until I was afraid I wouldn't have enough for a handle.

I had some leftover malabrigo-like yarn and did an applied i-cord edge to give it a little bit of structure then made a garter stitch handle. In retrospect I should have made a smaller basket and doubled-up the yarn to make a thicker fabric. Live and Learn. Oh and also I would have forgotten the basket weave stitch. It's lovely pre-felting but you can't see it at ALL afterwards. Oh yeah and i would have made a thicker handle, wider at the bases etc... for structure. It's a pretty color though!

Next up: BABY SOCKS!
I tell you, if you ever want almost-instant gratification in a knitting project, these will do it for you. Seriously. I was done in a day and a half and I am slow...

Its just a simple rib and a heel-flap style sock. So simple, yet with a sock yarn like Lorna's Laces, it becomes this heirloom-like item that you just want to keep forever. These are another pair for Hub's boss who just had twins (well they are for the twins... I don't think they would fit the boss-man).

For the same little tykes I have started another set of footwear that just have me in a dither. They are so WONDERFUL and so easy. So easy... that it makes NO SENSE that they come out looking so great.

This is the Baby moc-a-soc from Bekah Knits. She has created a whole set of patterns for baby feet that are so cute you want them all (I bought the patterns for two different 'shoes' and i think i will be making a pair for every new baby that enters my life from here on out). I was desperate to get started on a pair, so i ended up spending way too much on a hank of alpaca for the tan color on these but oh my. Blue Sky Alpaca Sport. 100% Baby alpaca. This yarn is so. yummy.


The green turtleneck on the top is... you guessed it! Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. Again. This makes three projects I have dome from two hanks of this glorious socky goodness. As soon as this yarn famine is over I might get more... a note about the 'turtleneck' comment. I am calling it that because as I was knitting this portion of the pattern (k1,p1 repeat) i was reminded of the instructions from EZ on how to make a turtleneck. I will paraphrase here: "Pick up enough stitches around the neck and knit a rib until you are sick of it". For me, 20 rows of that madness was enough. The pattern calls for 24. Sue me.

I am also still plugging-away on the rogue hoodie. The pattern is still kicking my butt but I am enjoying it, and the Swish Superwash from Knit Picks really is a joy to knit with. Really really. Sorry I don't have a picture to show you, there's just not much to look at right now (and be able to comprehend the image). Hopefully I will have something soon though!


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