Wednesday, March 5, 2008

All done!

Hey Robin,
I got two quickies for you and then i gotta get back to work!
Finished the Vinnland socks! They ROCK. I don't think i can express how much i love these socks. Between the yarn (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock) and the pattern (Vinnland) i am in sock-heaven. Seriously. Can you look at these and not feel love?
Yesterday... or was it the day before. I finished my koolhaas for the Ravelry KAL. I really like this Pollen colorway, unfortunately I didn't have enough yarn to do the hat right. So I just 'finished' so i could say I was done. Fortunately I have all of March to make another one so I might "trip" on my yarn diet and get one skein of Malabrigo so i can make a whole-hat. Heh. Anyway, it's real pretty and mostly fits! It's just a little short is all:
I really really really like this pattern and I was almost able to do the whole thing without a cable kneedle, but it was a bit stiff so i used one off and on anyway. I WILL make another one of these and go stand outside the library downtown to see if anyone notices the similarity ;)

Next projects: still gotta make headway on the Rogue hooded sweater and i am working on a little Easter surprise for the Little Guy... in Malabrigo so I seriously hope i have enough for that. And i also wanna make another kitty pi and some felted clogs, and more socks, and, and, and... will my queue ever get any shorter?!?



  1. Ooo - your Vinnlands are wonderful! Really nice. I love the Pollen colorway too. I'm always fondling it at Hilltop!

  2. It's a lovely yellow... and I'm not into yellows really!

    When is Hilltop going to buy some more worsted Malabrigo? Eh? Eh? :D