Thursday, March 27, 2008

scramble for progress

Hey Robin,
The weather outside is frightful.... and the yarn is so delightful... so since I've no place to go (except for a bajillion errands and stuuuuuuuff) let it rain! let it rain! let it rain! *sigh* Isn't it supposed to be spring? Oh yeah, it rains in spring. I got so spoiled by So Cal weather...

The Dudelet is playing with his new set of lego figures... I'm running a stopwatch to see how long it is before he no longer wants to play with them. I got my money on 10 more minutes. DH has 20 (they're LEGO's!).

While I watch him frolick, here's what I have been working on the last few days...

Progress is made on the Rogue! I swear, I thought this whole thing would be a slog, but the bottom of the body went surprisingly fast! I really think having that wonderful cabling on the sides breaks up the monotony JUST enough that it keeps things exciting! Here's the latest:

I'm on the slog-part about halfway between the arm hole shaping and the shoulder shaping. Woot! I haven't looked to see what's after that. I want to be suprised...

I also couldn't wait to cast this on. The yarn was burning a hole in my stash! Really! No really! Did I give you a peek of the haul? No? Brace yerself:

Vaa Vaa Vaa VOOM!
I mean, hubba hubba ya knowz?

I knew instantly that I wanted to make the Hemlock Ring Blanket with this. No question. I am to row 40 on the original pattern, at 47 I switch over to Jared's added chart, this should be fun. I have 4 skeins, so it should come out rather large, maybe I will have enough leftover to make another Koolhaas.

OK here's a picture of it so-far, but it really doesn't do the color justice. So try picturing the above colors in the below-configuration:

Knitting this is making me very happy. The colorway reminds me of a certain Tartan, so it's perfect for taking in my favorite Scottish accents and relaxing....

There's only a few days in Malabrigo March left! Help us move the perfect yarn to #4 on the favorite yarns list and cast something on TODAY!!


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