Thursday, March 20, 2008

My new cable kneedle

Hey Kate!

I've been eyeing the Harmony Cable Kneedles for some time, but now I'm taking them off my pretend Wish List (since Knit Picks doesn't have a real one) because I found the perfect ones in my crafting tool kit: crochet hooks.

Ok, there are probably thousands of knitters who have already figured this out, but I'm always late to the party. The problem with an extra DPN is that it is very susceptible to Emme's patented Grab and Run technique, leaving my stitches without a kneedle to hold on to. It's also really easy to have stitches slide off of it. My crochet hook/cable kneedle, however, has that thumb area that can keep stitches inbetween it and the hook. The hook part stops (or at least slows down) the Grab and Run. And it is very handy to have it nearby for drop stitch retrieval.

So, yay this will save me money right? Except that most of my crochet hooks are ugly. Way ugly. And this is just another excuse to replace them all with pretty ones. Some day.

Oh yeah, and Fetching is coming along slowly as you can see.



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