Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Impending frog

Hey Kate!

There it is! It's the beginning of the Donyale sock aka the Sock that makes me happy. Only it's not really making me happy.

The yarn is wonderful. It is squooshy and colorful and a real joy to knit with.

The kneedles are a joy. They are just the right pointiness, size and feel.

The pattern is perfect. It is complex enough to be interesting and repetitive enough to be relaxing.

The problem is that the yarn is way too variegated for the pattern. You can't see the eyelets at all and the colors in the pattern make both sides look like the wrong side. I want to knit with this yarn and I want to knit this pattern -- but not together.

I will probably make this scarf pattern with the yarn. We'll see.



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