Friday, September 28, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

Hey Robin,

Gosh I feel badly that I haven't written in FOREVER! I have been so frantic with the knitting-for-Christmas that my fingers have forgotten how to type! Well, not really... but you know how it is!! I am outta time!

I finished the Bells and Whistles socks finally. My goodness they take forever! They are beautiful though, and now I know for sure who they will go to. No, not me unfortunately. But therecipient is sure to appreciate them. I don't want to put her name down here because there's always the chance someone besides you will read this!

I know... it's a long shot but you never know!

Here's a pic of the lovelies:

Sorry for the low-light situation. I have no idea what went wrong there. Here's a shot I took previously:

All-in-all it's a lovely pattern for a lace sock. I'm not altogether sure how many more of those I will want to make (except maybe one for me!). Being lace, they take longer for me to work through, and that's really not what I am looking for in a sock pattern. I want something fun to knit, sure... but i really want something that will be finished quickly and thereby satisfy my urge to FINISH SOMETHING!

The next thing I threw on the kneedles is a vest pattern (another gift, I'm not saying who it's for) by Oat Couture, the Oregon Vest. It had what I was looking for, simplicity and an already-done conversion to three different yarn weights. SOLD! I have some 'used' yarn for it that I rather like. The only thing i know about it is it's 100% superwash wool... and I got a whole lot of it for $6. Well, I use the term "whole lot" loosely here. It's probably enough yards for me to get halfway into the last front-piece. A fact which I will stubbornly ignore until I get to that part and want to throw the whole thing away. Actually, I suspect this might be some Brown Sheep, Lamb's Pride Superwash Chunky. Lookey here:

I attempted the knitting-in-the-ends thing that we just learned! You can see that I had an issue with the end that was "knitted" (on the right). The end that was "purled" (on the left) went much better. I am not sure what I did wrong. I need to review the whole process again. It was nice to be able to get rid of those ends straight away and not have to worry about them later. I'm liking this method very much!

The color is much darker than this, but like Anne, I am having trouble taking pictures of purple... it's a really lovely aubergine kind of color... I hope I can figure out what to do when I run out!

Remember the Baby Brunhilde hat? Here's a pic in situ:

Isn't she the cutest little smidgeon??

Do you have the Ride of the Vakyries running through your head too? I hope it's not just me...


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